Thinking Pitstops™

A small way to say a big thank-you to the NHS

Testimonials from Thinking Pitstops Training

"One of the most powerful tools I have ever learnt. Elegant yet simple, it empowers us to still our thinking and achieve effective change almost effortlessly. We are then able to resume our task renewed and refreshed. Embedding this tool into regular practice will support the emerging Appreciation and Support culture in the NHS"
Dr Andrew Tressider
Practitioner Health SW Clinical Lead, Somerset CCG GP Clinical Lead for Pastoral Care for Front Line Staff, GP Appraiser

"Would you believe that just 10 minutes could short-cut a process of thinking things through that previously would have taken me days or weeks? It wasn't until I experienced a Thinking Pitstop for myself that I realised how truly powerful this deceptively simple intervention could be. It can work for anyone who needs a safe space to depressurise, think and recharge."
Dr Susi Caesar
GP, Appraiser and Chair of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges and Faculties (AoMRC) Professional Development Committee